The Preservation of the Family and the Business is at the Core of our Guidance.

We are trusted advisors to family businesses. We wear this badge proudly since it has been earned from experiences within a dynamic family business and perfected by decades of client transition events.


Often our deep technical expertise is overshadowed by our client’s needs for an empathetic listener, an authentic communicator to bridge a family divide, or a stern reality check.

The complexity of the decision to sell a family business is often clouded by unstated divided family interests layered on top of typical business uncertainties. These decisions are best not made alone.

Tom Zucker
President & Founder, EdgePoint

Family Business Insight & Analysis

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Family Business in Transition

The journey of each family business is unique. Generations of families toil and struggle to build an enduring company.  

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Americas Industrials Deal of the Year

Prince & Izant’s recapitalization by Industrial Growth Partners won the Industrials Deal of the Year award at the 2023 Americas M&A Atlas Awards

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